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"Where professionalism, quality, and service come together."

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Rhonda Allison ~ Skincare that blends nature and science for the most radiant skin.  From gentle cleansers to targeted serums, each products delivers visible results with botanical extracts and advanced ingredients.  Whether you're battling acne or seeking anti-aging solutions, Rhonda Allison offers personalized skincare tailored to your needs, promoting healthy, glowing skin.  


Elemis ~ Developed in London, Elemis is a No.1 British skin care line with over 30 years of expertise.  Their luxury products are world-renowned for having powerful active ingredients with heavenly textures.  Anti-aging Pro-Collagen formulas offer intense, skin-plumping hydration, and cell regeneration with cutting-edge patented technology, delivering transformative clinically-proven results.  

Enchantè Rose Infusion

Special! $85/ 70 min. (reg. $130)


Step into an oasis of tranquility surrounded by soft lighting, serene melodies, and whispering scents. All ingredients are top-tier, by Elemis. Signature products come the extracts of hand-harvested wild roses, sourced only in elite countryside English gardens. Beginning with an opulent touch, a velvety soft Rose cleansing balm is swept over skin using feather-like strokes to emulsify impurities, while silkening it with a buttery soft finish.  Next, a luxurious steam bath indulges skin with enriched hydration, encasing a petal soft canvas.  The skin is then gently exfoliated using a polish blend of Absolute Rose, Cucumber, and Jojoba Beads, unveiling the beauty of youthful, rejuvenated cells.  Next, tranquilize your thoughts as you indulge in a stress-melting massage throughout the face, neck, and shoulders.  This is followed with a chilled Rose Quartz stone mask placed over a revitalizing Rose infused fiber mask. Upon completion, a Rose Marine Pro-Collagen cream will leave skin thoroughly quenched with a silky-satin finish.    

 Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend 

$125/ 60 min. (all skin types)

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Facial

Diamond Microdermabrasion ~ Like polishing a diamond-in-the-rough into a smooth, flawless, and sparkling new gemstone.  This treatment consists of using a diamond-tipped wand and light suction to efficiently and effectively remove dead skin cells without any discomfort or downtime.  Many benefits include;  stimulation of new collagen production, remove dirt and grime build up, reduces lines and wrinkles, lightens hyperpigmentation including post acne marks, hydrates and smoothes skin's surface. An excellent choice for aging skin, sun damage, dehydration, dullness, oily skin, large pores, and mild acne.  Includes a free bonus addon with a Chocolate Cocoa Enzyme mask made from Hershey's real cocoa powder. This  dissolves proteins, brightens up tone, delivers healing properties, and fights against free radical damage.  Like with any good polishing, skin is left elegantly smooth, with a flawless glow, sparkling like a ~ Shiney New Diamond!

Oxygen Rx Facial ~ by Circadia

$130/ 60 min. (all skin types, aging, acne)

Chocolate & Champagne Facial

Chocolate & Champagne Oxygen Facial ~ Stir up your "tasty" senses with the aroma of sweet chocolate as this treatment begins!  After double cleansing, a delicious enzyme mask loaded with natural antioxidants from real Hershey's cocoa powder is applied under warm towels and light steam.  Next, feel the sensation of "chilled bubbly" against your skin as the Oxygen Rx Treatment begins with a flow of effervescents.  Oxygen immediately begins to generate at optimal levels, breathing new life into the skin.  Instantly, skin is noticeably brighter with a huge reduction in redness, pores are much smaller, and texture is super smooth. The many anti-inflammatory properties in this treatment makes it safe and effective for sensitive skin, including acne and Rosacea. This also stimulates collagen for anti-aging and treats sun spots on the spot!  A hydrating marshmallow whip mask will then plump and cushion the skin, followed with a tailored moisturizer and serum.  This will leave your skin with an "oh so" dewy glow!!  ~  What a treat!!

Back Facial

$125/ 60 min. (all skin types)


Get Back On Track ~ If your experiencing issues such as acne, dryness, itchiness, achy muscles, uneven skin texture, or just need some relax time, I've got your back!  Pamper, revitalize, and renew your skin from shoulders to lower back. This begins with a double pre-cleanse to soften and remove trace elements, followed with a fan-brushed foaming enzyme cleanse while under a bath of warm, hydrating steam. Next, skin is exfoliated and refined with a luxurious salt glow by Elemis, infused with Frangipani Flowers, exotic Tahitian Monoi Oil, and Hibiscus for ultimate smooth texture and hydration.  Next, enjoy a relaxing anti-stress back massage utilizing softening oils for deep hydration and ease muscle tension. Following this is a custom blend mask, treatment serum, and moisturizer to suit.  You will leave here rest assured knowing I've got your back!  

Berry Brightening

$110/ 60 min. (all skin types, dull)

It's Berry-Berry Brightening Facail

Look on the bright side! ~ Top ingredients go into this treatment making it a great "go to" for skin that is in need of a boost of vitality and luster.  Excellent for aging, sun damaged, or dull/dehydrated skin.  This enzyme treatment is made up of potent raspberry seed extracts, boosting skin's vitality and brightening tone. Bromelain, from the pineapple plant and Papain from papaya, are also main ingredients for boosting radiance and infusing peptides into the skin.  A Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask next delivers critical hydration, leaving your skin supple, revitalized, and plump. A hydrating serum and moisturizer are sealed into the skin utilizing a cold wand, as this refreshes and closes the pores.  This has all the makings for a Berry Brightening day!

Red Carpet Ready

$130/ 70 min. (anti-aging, firming)

Red Carpet Ready Facial

Only "star-Ingredients" are on this "A-list"!  Featured in this event, highly active collagen and elastic nanometer molecules are infused into the skin to present an immediate "facelift" effect. Utilizing intense heightened levels of hydration, skin shows up on time appearing plump, firm, and absolutely glowing! Effects from this treatment can typically last for up to 3 weeks.  This begins with a double cleanse to remove all trace elements, following with a fan-brushed refining enzyme cleanser, to exfoliate and remove deep particles.  Next, a high-grade collagen fiber mask is applied under a rejuvenating steam bath and is then infused into the skin using galvanic currencies. Without any intermission, a hyaluronic acid and collagen serum will be joined together to make their way into deep hydration.  For the grand finale, skin is topped with a 3D light-reflecting biopolymer serum, recognized as best finishing "film" for leaving the skin with the most iridescent glow! RSVP today and get your skin ~ Red Carpet Ready!  

Bella BioRePeelCl3

$175/ 60 min. (all skin types)


​​Immediate visual results guaranteed!!

Click here for complete details!

S'mores Facial

$110/ 60 min. (all skins, sensi, aging)

S'mores Indulgence Facial

Indulge without guilt! This "yummy" facial serves up the skin with potent dose of natural antioxidants using real Hershey's cocoa powder! Powerhoused with additional ingredients, enzymes from pineapple and papaya stems gently exfoliate away dead skin cells for a radiant glow. This intelligent combination works together, fighting against skin-aging free radicals, boosts healing to skin's own natural barrier, reduces redness and inflammation associated with Rosacea, acne, and other skin sensitivities. This also revitalizes dull/dehydrated skin, treats hyperpigmentation, and helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Next, a delicious Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask will cushion skin in soothing hydration while delivering potent botanicals to help improve the overall health of the skin. Topping's to this treatment includes a dose of hyaluronic acid and moisturizer to suit, following with a cold wand to soothe and seal all the goodies inside! This treatment is sure to satisfy any skin's appetite! ~ Enjoy!

Deep Sweep

$110/ 60 min.(all skin types)

Deep Sweep Facial

Don't just sweep it under the rug ~ Deep Sweep it clean away!  This facial is good for all skin types in need of a deeper cleansing than your daily routine.  It begins by removing dirt and oils with salicylic cleanser. Next, an exfoliating enzyme mask under a light ozone steam will open pores to cleanse further down and prepare skin for any needed extractions. High frequency is then added to destroy blemish causing bacteria and increase oxygen to the skin, also reduce pore size, and soften lines and wrinkles.  A customized mask is next applied to absorb additional oils, calm, and rebalance skin's own natural protective barrier. A tailored moisturizer and serum will restore, protect and replenish the skin, while a cold wand closes pores.  Nothing dirty is left behind in this Deep Sweep facial!​​

ReZenerate Coming Soon!

all skin types


A "next-level" treatment coming soon!

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